Alan Arkin

Alan Arkin

Détails sur les acteurs
Profession Acteur/actrice
Date de naissance 26 mars 1934
Nationalité USA

«It's not enough for me to just be a personality and go up there and say lines nicely. I want to tell a story with a character.», «Well, I've always been a character actor. I've never been a leading man. It gave me an opportunity not to have to take my clothes off all the time.»



Milestone-Movies: «The Russians are Coming the Russians are Coming» (1966), «Wait until Dark» (1967), «Inspector Clouseau» (1968), «The Heart is a Lonely Hunter» (1968), «Catch-22» (1970), «The Seven-per-cent Solution» (1976), «Havanna» (1990), «Edward Scissorhands» (1990), «Glengarry Glen Ross» (1992), «Indian Summer» (1993), «Grosse Pointe Blank» (1997), «Gattaca» (1997), «America's Sweethearts» (2001), «Little Miss Sunshine» (2006), «Get Smart» (2008), «Marley & Me» (2009), «The Private Lives of Pippa Lee» (2009), «The change-up» (2011), «Argo» (2012), «Grudge Match» (2013)

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