Dolby Atmos


Surround sound has, until now, surrounded the audience from the front and rear. With the introduction of the Dolby Atmos audio format the sound in Cinedome 1 in Biel, also comes from above, transporting you into a sound world you have never experienced before. To create this sound, 41 power amplifiers provide a capacity of about 70,000 watts!

The audio format, in theory, allows for an unlimited number of audio tracks. These are supplied to the cinemas in a way that ensures optimal and dynamic distribution of the signals to the loudspeakers. The new system can send an individual signal to each speaker. This makes it possible to install many more front, surround and ceiling speakers. This means that a sound source can be precisely placed in the auditorium, making it possible to realistically simulate the sound of rain or helicopters, for example.

Here is a selection of upcoming movies being shown in our Cinedome cinema in Biel in Dolby Atmos:

Passengers_KITAGCINEMAS_Poster.jpg LaLaLand_Plakat_Teaser700x1000_4f_DCH.JPG AsssassinsCreed_TeaserCH.jpg

More information about Dolby Atmos

Experience films in 3D

Welcome to the three-dimensional world of films! The following cinemas are equipped with the latest 3D technology:

Rex 1 Alhambra Cinedome 1 Capitol 5 Cinedome 2 Maxx 1 Abaton a
Rex 2 Gotthard Cinedome 2 Capitol 6 Cinedome 3 Maxx 2 Abaton b
  Jura 1 Cinedome 5 Maxx 1 Cinedome 6 Maxx 6 Abaton 2
  Jura 2   Maxx 2 Cinedome 7   Abaton 3 
  Jura 3   Maxx 5 Cinedome 8   Abaton 5
  Splendid 1   Maxx 6 Scala 1   Abaton 10
  Splendid 2         Corso 1
            Corso 2
            Corso 4 
            Metropol 1 
            Metropol 2

3D technology

Our specially developed 3D glasses are made of lightweight, recyclable plastic in an attractive design. They are suitable for guests of all ages and can also be worn over your regular prescription glasses. We also have a practical 3D clip-on option for those who wear prescription glasses.
The system was developed by RealD and includes 3D-capable software and a 3D image polariser. The basic setup consists of a 2K digital projector with digital playout in accordance with DCI standard (DCI/DCP). We also use special screens (called “silver screens”) that are woven using metal particles. These particles ensure that the polarised light is reflected back. Guests need to wear 3D glasses to truly experience a film in 3D.

4K makes the difference – better pictures, better image content

4K projection technology delivers four times the number of pixels as 2K or HD. With the sharpest images projected in real-time, 4K is almost as good as being there live. Thanks to this higher image quality, every seat in the cinema is the best, even in the front rows. The higher resolution of the 4K format gives more detailed, more realistic and more impressive images in which you cannot see any pixelation, not even in the front rows. 4K projection technology is only available for 2D films.

Cinedome 1 Maxx 2 Cinedome 1 Maxx 1 Abaton A
  Maxx 3 Cinedome 8   Metropol 1


HFR for more fluid movement

HFR stands for high frame rate and refers to an increased display refresh rate. 24 images per second is the standard for cinemas today. HFR allows for film playback at 48 images per second, which could increase to 60 images per second in future. Camera pans and rapid movements appear more fluid and more realistic.

These cinemas offer film fun with a high frame rate:

Cinedome 1 Maxx 2 Cinedome 2 Maxx 1 Abaton A
Cinedome 3 Maxx 3 Cinedome 8   Corso 1
Cinedome 4       Metropol 1
Cinedome 5