General Information

Get your Carte Bleue now and enjoy discounted, cashless movie pleasure every day in all KITAG CINEMAS and 10% off on the concession stand. You can book up to 10 tickets online or at the box office for each regular showing for only CHF 14*, even at the weekend. If you have a phone with Internet access then your digital tickets will appear on your mobile. E-tickets are also sent to your e-mail address in PDF format in case you prefer to print them out. You can also use your Carte Bleue to reserve tickets on; your tickets are available to collect until 20 minutes before the film starts.


Now for the best part: a Carte Bleue is the only route into our fantastic previews including aperitifs. Discover the KITAG CINEMAS Movie Night, Ladies Night and Men’s Night! Subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll never miss out on advance sales and can secure yourself these hot seats before anyone else.

Cheap film fun – your guide to the Carte Bleue

You can buy a Carte Bleue directly online here: no need to add another plastic card to your wallet! It is listed as a virtual Carte Bleue in your account and you can also add the Carte Bleue to your Wallet (iPhone and Android). A virtual Carte Bleue card costs nothing; you only pay the annual fee of CHF 20 and a minimum top-up of CHF 30. So what are you waiting for? Get a Carte Bleue on your phone today and explore a world of cheap film fun.


The Carte Bleue is also available in all KITAG CINEMAS for CHF 30. This includes a one-off card fee of CHF 10 and the annual fee of CHF 20. You can top up the Carte Bleue in your kitag account, using the Carte Bleue app or at any KITAG CINEMAS box office (minimum top-up CHF 30; maximum amount CHF 300).

Register your Carte Bleue

To be able to reserve and buy tickets for just CHF 14* you must pay an annual fee of CHF 20 and register the Carte Bleue in your KITAG CINEMAS account. Payment of the annual fee is not taken automatically, but we will send you a reminder in good time. You can pay the annual fee and extend your subscription on, at any KITAG CINEMAS box office or via the Carte Bleue app.

*With a Carte Bleue and an active subscription, this price is valid for all regular showings at KITAG CINEMAS as well as for KITAG CINEMAS previews. Up to 10 discounted tickets can be purchased for each showing. Each ticket for a 3D showing is subject to an additional charge. No discounts will be given on prices that have already been reduced. Excludes seats with add-on services. General terms and conditions.