“Zwingli” – A Hit with Audiences and Critics

The historical drama “Zwingli” has had a great cinema launch here in Switzerland. And director Stefan Haupt’s film is still holding its own in the Swiss film charts.

“With the historical drama ‘Zwingli’, a piece of Swiss history is being told, about a man who caused a huge change in thinking far beyond these borders and whose deeds still form the roots of our system today”, says “Zwingli” producer Anne Walser. Swiss audiences have also been enthusiastic. In addition to great success in Zurich, the town where Zwingli was most active, the Swiss film production has also totted up strong figures in regions like Grisons, Bern, Basel, Aargau and Schaffhausen and, according to the film distributor, had a release well above expectations throughout German-speaking Switzerland. Alongside viewer ratings on various Internet platforms and Facebook, the huge positive feedback that the actors and filmmakers received at their pre-premiere and premiere tour suggests that the film is enjoying great word-of-mouth – not a matter of course in today’s fast-paced world. “Zwingli” is currently showing at KITAG CINEMAS.