Yara Shahidi: “She’s a Complete Realist”

Two people fall in love on the streets of New York in the youth-lit adaptation “The Sun Is Also a Star”. However, he does not know that she is undocumented in the US and will have to leave that very day.

Yara Shahidi plays the leading female role of Natasha in the film adaptation of “The Sun Is Also a Star” by “Everything, Everything” author Nicola Yoon: “I like the humanity that Nicola integrated into matters such as science, philosophy and politics”, says Shahidi. “I myself come from an immigrant family. There are so many parallels between my character Natasha, who is worried about her own future, and my father, who came to America at the age of eight. He constantly lived a life in fear that immigration laws could be changed at any time. This issue affects so many lives. But here it is combined with the first love that we have all experienced at some point. The only thing Natasha can rely on after waking up is gravity. Scientific facts will never change. They are reliable and never disappoint you. That’s why Natasha is a complete realist”.