Backpacking with the cinema legends Robert Redford and Nick

The two pensioners pick out one of the most difficult hiking paths in the world in the new melodrama “A Walk in the Woods”: the Appalachian Trail.

Based on the world bestseller of the same name, “A Walk in the Woods: Picknick with Bears” tells with a large portion of humour and drive the story of two old school friends, Katz and Bryson, who want to put themselves to the test again instead of meekly descending into retirement. As they pick out one of the most difficult hikes in the world, the Appalachian Trail, the two gentlemen, who are no longer so fit, have a number of challenges to master on their journey through the American wilderness. Yet the adventures are not just on the hike, Bryson and Katz learn how to frighten off fully grown brown bears, escape from jealous husbands and annoying travelling companions and, above all, rediscover their almost forgotten friendship. Better casting of Bill Bryson and Stephen Katz than the two Hollywood legends Robert Redford and Nick Nolte could hardly have been found. They not only liven up the amusing passages with witty comedy, but are also touching in quieter moments when they look back on their lives and their friendship.