From “Head Full of Honey” to “Rocca”

“Rocca verändert die Welt” (Rocca Changes the World) is a cheeky and deeply moving film about a strong girl who doesn’t care about conventions and only follows her heart – written by “Head Full of Honey” author Hilly Martinek.

Brave, funny, distinctive: that’s Rocca. Rocca is eleven years old and leads an unusual life. While her father, an astronaut, looks after her from outer space, Rocca lives with the squirrel Klitschko and has just started going to a regular school, where she immediately stands out because of her carefree and whimsical ways. She is fearless and faces up to the bullies of the class, because for Rocca justice comes first. “Rocca” was written by Hilly Martinek, who previously wrote the screenplay for Til Schweiger’s hit movie “Head Full of Honey”. Like that dementia tragicomedy, “Rocca verändert die Welt” is autobiographically inspired: “back in ‘Head Full of Honey’, I told a story about a girl who was different and courageous and a bit free”, says Hilly Martinek. “Rocca is related to me, because I am also a free-thinking person who always wants to change something – and even more so when it comes to my youngest daughter Smilla. I was thinking of her when I wrote the script”. For Detlev Buck, who can be seen in a guest role as an odd taxi driver, Rocca is like a contemporary Pippi Longstocking: “Now, like back then, children want a friend who can deal with anything. And as with Pippi, Rocca’s parents aren’t around – and she fights her way through the world all by herself”. For Michael Maertens, school principal Klein in the film, Rocca has an almost messianic effect on her fellow human beings: “Anyone who meets Rocca becomes a better person”.