Vive la France: Disneyland Paris is 25 years old

With over 320 million visitors since its opening in 1992, Disneyland Paris is one of the leading travel destinations in Europe. And new Disney movies always ensure more football.

Recently, Disneyland Paris celebrated its 25th birthday. Over the last 25 years, it has grown into a major player in the French entertainment industry. The employees – the so-called cast members – bring Disney life to life every day. Over the past 25 years, the resort has entertained more than 320 million guests since its opening on 12 April 1992 and has blossomed into one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe. Milestones include the signing of the agreement with the French government in 1987 about the grand opening of the TGV rail station in 1994 and the opening of the Walt Disney Studios Park in the spring of 2002.