Vanessa Hudgens: “Paparazzi lurked everywhere in New York”

The business comedy “Manhattan Queen” isn’t just carried by Jennifer Lopez (49) as Maya – the former “High School Musical” star Vanessa Hudgens (30) also shines in the last third of the film.

In “Manhattan Queen”, Vanessa Hudgens plays an ambitious businesswoman named Zoe: “Zoe is not exactly thrilled that another woman, Maya (Jennifer Lopez), has joined the Franklin & Clarke team. Every other woman initially understands her as a potential threat”, says Hudgens. But over time, this all changes: “When she sees Maya assert herself as a woman in a male-dominated company, Zoe sees her with completely different eyes and shows her a lot more respect”. For Hudgens, working with Lopez was a revelation: “Before my first meeting with her, I actually had to lie down on the floor for a moment to chill and calm my nerves”, says the young actress. “But as soon as I was face-to-face with her and we went through the scenes, the nervousness was swept away. She truly went past all my expectations”. For Hudgens, who is not from New York, shooting in the big city was a new experience: “Paparazzi lurked everywhere in New York. I remember when we were filming under a bridge and doing a very intense scene with Jen, when I suddenly turned and was staring into the camera of a paparazzi”. It threw me off my feet for a moment, but it was an exciting experience”.