Trailer Premier for New Swiss Film “Zwingli”

The official “Zwingli” trailer gives insight into the world of Huldrych Zwingli as created by “The Circle” director Stefan Haupt. Zwingli is played by Max Simonischek, who takes us right back to the Middle Ages.

Zurich 1519: the young widow Anna Reinhart (Sarah Sophia Meyer) is living a meagre life full of fear of the church and worries about the future of her three children, when the arrival of a man in town causes turmoil. The young priest Huldrych Zwingli (Max Simonischek) takes up his new position at the Grossmünster church in Zurich – and with his sermons protesting against the Catholic Church, he sparks fierce discussions. The production company C-Films has already brought Swiss films such as “Little Mountain Boy”, “The Foster Boy” and “Akte Grüninger” to the cinema. Stefan Haupt’s ambitious historical drama shows the Switzerland of five centuries ago – bringing us right into the Middle Ages. The director portrays Huldrych Zwingli as a complex man and a human being who is far more than a historical figure.