Til Schweiger: “A Lot More Happens Between Them”

With “Head Full of Honey”, director Til Schweiger serves up a US remake of his German hit “Honig im Kopf”, this time with Matt Dillon, Nick Nolte and Emily Mortimer.

“Head Full of Honey” tells the story of the very special love between eleven-year-old Matilda (Sophia Lane Nolte) and her grandfather Amadeus (Nick Nolte). The humorous, esteemed head of the family becomes increasingly forgetful and can no longer cope alone with everyday life. The move from USA to London to his son Nick (Matt Dillon), stepdaughter Sarah (Emily Mortimer) and granddaughter Matilda becomes inevitable, and although it breaks Nick’s heart, he soon has to realise that for Amadeus, the move into a retirement home can’t be avoided. But Matilda’s having none of it. Without further ado, she takes her grandfather on a chaotic and exciting journey to fulfil his greatest wish: to see Venice again! Til Schweiger wrote the international version of “Head Full of Honey” version together with bestselling author Jojo Moyes (“Me Before You”). Schweiger wanted to preserve his original vision of the film, yet there were some changes: “the conflict between Sarah and Nick, Matilda’s parents, goes much deeper in the new film. A lot more happens between them”, says Schweiger.

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