Til Schweiger: “It’s Something Everyone Can Understand”

Til Schweiger, Samuel Finzi and Milan Peschel cause a lot of trouble at the “Klassentreffen 1.0” (Class Reunion 1.0), 30 years after leaving high school – and it’s showing from Thursday at KITAG CINEMAS. Two sequels have already been announced in advance.

“As always, it was important to me that the audience forgot that they were watching actors”, says director Til Schweiger about his new comedy “Klassentreffen 1.0”, which is based on a Danish original. “We simply have to believe that the characters are real. “And of course, it’s important that the three main characters as convincing as real friends. And this kind of interaction works so much better if you genuinely like your colleagues in real life”. Schweiger, who is famous for the rapid pace at which he makes films, has once again surpassed himself. Only five and a half months passed between the green light for the project and the last day of shooting: “I’ve only cried three times at the end of shooting during my career because of being so sad that it was all over: in my first feature ‘Manta, Manta’, with ‘Barefoot’, and now with this film. We were a real team – in front of and behind the camera. And we had a lot of fun. It was really a special experience”. And what makes the film so special? “Every viewer can identify with the characters, because you get the feeling of being close to them. That's exactly what made “Rabbit Without Ears” successful back in the day. Or the marriage crisis in ‘Rabbit Without Ears 2’ – it’s something everyone can understand. This is about feeling that you’re wasting your life on unimportant things. This is about the question of real values, our roles in the world. Why are we even here? How do we use the time we have left? Ultimately, ‘Klassentreffen 1.0’ is a comedy that says to us, “getting old isn’t so bad if you succeed in keeping the child inside you alive”. And Schweiger confirms: “Since we decided to do a trilogy like the Danish originals, this is for me also an incentive for us to do our best. “I'll definitely give my best – especially since the second Danish film is even funnier than the first!

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