Steve Coogan: “Laurel and Hardy Are Very Accessible”

For “Stan & Ollie” to succeed, it was important to find actors who not only seemed physically plausible as Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, but who could also illuminate the core of their central friendship.

Steve Coogan knew Laurel and Hardy from TV. He watched their mishaps in his bathrobe during the summer holidays: “It was very accessible to a child”, he remembers. “A pure kind of comedy that’s more about personality than about the situation. There are no real consequences. It’s a happy world”. And John C. Reilly found a great film partner in Steve Coogan: “We immediately realised it wouldn’t work without us having a deeper connection to each other. We were pretty distant at first, but we became real friends. Steve is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. I got a real lonely feeling when he wasn’t with me on the set. It felt like part of me was missing”.