Stephen King: “Only Children Can Fight this Creature”

Best-selling author Stephen King is pleased with the film adaptation of his horror book classic “It,” although the filmmakers veer slightly away from the literary original.

“For me, it was important that they keep the basic idea that the clown Pennywise approaches the kids by embodying the thing they are most afraid of,” says Stephen King. But the question now arises of why it’s children who must prove themselves as heroes in “It.” “There is a difference between children – there are those who are too old to believe in Santa Claus and Easter bunnies, but they are still afraid that something bad could be hidden under the bed in their dark bedroom. I wanted to involve just these kinds of kids, to bring them into a situation where they are the only ones who can see and fight the creature, because they still believe in monsters. At the same time, they are older than powerless toddlers. They know how to defend themselves.”

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