Stefanie Heinzmann: “I Know Where I’m at Home”

In the animation sequel “The Secret Life of Pets 2”, the star singer Stefanie Heinzmann returns to the role of Katie, who this time makes her dog Max have to deal with a very special new arrival.

“I’m incredibly grateful every day that I can do this job”, says Stefanie Heinzmann. A lot of warmth and humility resonate in her voice. The 30-year-old singer can allow herself to be one thing above all else: proud. Looking at her, it’s hard to avoid the question of how someone so young can have achieved so much already.  Since Stefanie Heinzmann won Stefan Raab’s talent show in 2008 with her unmistakable singing, she has had an impressive career. She concludes: “I am  very aware of my roots, and I know where I’m at home. But I also know where I want to take my music: I want the world to hear it”. The movie hit “The Secret Life of Pets 2” is currently showing at KITAG CINEMAS.