Stanley Tucci: “I Like the Dynamics of This Family”

In end-times trip “The Silence”, successful character actor Stanley Tucci plays the role of father Hugh Andrews. And he does so masterfully.

Stanley Tucci says the project appealed to him on several levels: “I’ve done science fiction movies like ‘Transformers’, but I’ve never done anything like ‘The Silence’ before. This is a really interesting movie, because it is a combination of horror, thriller and drama. I liked how spartan the script was, that it manages without much dialogue. This made it possible for John R. Leonetti to do visually very interesting things as a director and for us actors to communicate with each other differently than usual. I think it’s a really fascinating way to make a movie”. Architect by profession, Hugh Andrews knows the usual worries and hardships of a man trying to support a family. He works too much, worries too much about his children, and although he loves his wife, the burdens in their lives mean they are not as close to each other as they used to be. “I also liked the idea that the whole world would be turned upside down pretty quickly. This gives the film a certain credibility”, adds Tucci. “I like the dynamics of this family leading a normal middle-class life, and then these terrible circumstances suddenly bring them all closer together than ever. They become completely different people”.