Sasha Luss: From supermodel to action heroine “Anna”

The Russian supermodel Sasha Luss already had a mini-role in Luc Besson’s science fiction adventure “Valérian”. Her appearance as a professional killer in “Anna” meant that she had to prepare herself both physically and mentally.

Anna’s character fascinated Sasha Luss right from the start: “She can be so tough and ice cold. But her story is also a very personal and emotional one. Under her killer armour, she’s lonely and angry. She fights for a freedom that is impossible in her world”, says Luss, who had to train hard for the film’s extreme action scenes: “I loved the stunt choreography. It reminded me of my years spent as a ballet dancer when I was a girl. But when it came to martial arts, I had to start from scratch – just like Anna does in the film.”

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