“Rocca” Lead Actress Really Loves Squirrels

The “Rocca verändert die Welt” (Rocca Changes the World) lead actress Luna Marie Maxeiner particularly enjoyed working with her animal co-stars, and squirrels have been her new passion ever since.

Luna Marie Maxeiner won the role ahead of about 200 other children. But she never thought she’d share the spotlight with a squirrel: “I just wanted a special animal”, says “Rocca verändert die Welt” screenwriter Hilly Martinek, explaining her decision to make a squirrel one of the protagonists of her story. “I thought a dog would be boring, a cat would be boring, and then I thought, what kind of animal could Rocca run into in the wild? What kind of accident could happen where she could take the animal along with her? And pretty quickly, I came up with the answer: a squirrel”. During production, “Rocca” lead actress Luna Marie Maxeiner became a real squirrel expert: “The squirrels were very sweet, but also very agile. If you had one on your hand, the next moment it was somewhere else again. That’s why you always had to make sure that they’d tired themselves out before. It was really fun filming with them and watching them. How they function, when they’re active and how”. The leading actress would have liked to keep one of the animals, but of course this wasn’t possible. All the squirrels were released back into the wild after filming was complete.