“Playmobil: The Movie”: From Live-Action to Animation & Back

In a great many fairy tales, a framework story connects the beginning and the end of the story. In “Playmobil – The Movie”, things also begin and end with something like this, in the form of live-action sequences. But how did this come about?

“We had thought about using an old book for the prologue that would open up or use a narrative voice from the off, but that didn’t seem to fit the story we wanted to tell”, says the Playmobil: The Movie” director Lino DiSalvo, who earned his spurs at the Walt Disney animation studio: “Finally, we decided to start with a live-action sequence and let the film end in the real world again. Our main character Marla has lost her childlike view of the world, so it was logical to show her in an adult world where there is nothing magical. But when she finds the entrance to the magical world, this drives the whole further action forward”.