“The Secret Life of Pets 2”: A Rap Version of A Soul Classic

In “The Secret Life of Pets”, Chris Renaud previously included the Bill Withers classic “Lovely Day” from 1977 as a key melody for the emotional bond between pets and their humans.

“I chose the original of this song for the first movie because I love the emotional nonchalance of Bill Withers. But even more important is that this song perfectly captures the feeling in the finale of ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ when the animals are reunited with their humans”, says Chris Renaud. For “The Secret Life of Pets 2”, Renaud wanted to use a fresh, modern version of the same song in the credits of the film. “The idea that we could include some kind of repetition of this song for the end of the sequel was just too good to discard. Lunchmoney Lewis has made a version of ‘Lovely Day’ that doesn’t sound much like the original musically, but still radiates its positive mood. Which made it perfect for ‘The Secret Life of Pets 2’”.