Matthias Schweighöfer: "The glasses suit me too"

The buddy movie "Hot Dog" feeds on the interaction of the two German stars Til Schweiger and Matthias Schweighöfer, as a tough GSG-10 investigator and a shy, nerdy cop. Together they must rescue a president's daughter, who has been abducted.

"I was fun playing a smart cookie – and the specs suited me well too," says Matthias Schweighöfer. "However, I found memorising the vast amount of text, having to correctly pronounce things like hydrogen carbonate and things like that, and placing them in the proper context rather difficult though. It was a huge challenge! I loved the costume too: a natty shirt, cool slacks ... I looked like a sofa from the 80s!" During filming, Schweighöfer was particularly fascinated by the technical tricks: "like when film in the hurtling Transall plane or when I had to shoot out of a speeding car. But I don't care about the action itself, it's always a means to an end. And I always admire the scenes that Torsten (director Torsten Künstler – ed.) achieved. For example, our nocturnal explosions caused the inhabitants of the neighbouring village to converge on the set, because they thought there was a huge party."