Marvel Superheroes at Walt Disney Studios Park near Paris

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts plans to incorporate more popular stories and characters at Disneyland Paris. For the first time, plans have been announced for a completely Marvel-themed attraction.

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is being completely rebuilt into a brand-new Marvel attraction. For the first time ever, guests will be able to experience thrilling adventures with Iron Man and their favourite Avengers. For guests who can't wait for these Marvel experiences, there will be the Marvel Summer of Super Heroes at Disneyland Paris next June. Visitors will meet Captain America, Spider-Man, Star-Lord and Black Widow. The heroes will also perform in a live stage show with state-of-the-art special effects, spectacular projections and many more huge surprises. "The ambitious plans for Marvel at Disneyland Paris will create brand new and amazing superhero experiences for our guests and enhance the overall appeal of our resort," said Catherine Powell, president of Euro Disney S.A.S. The latest Marvel spectacular "Black Panther" is currently showing successfully at KITAG CINEMAS.