Marvel Boss: “Thanos’ Story Is Told Here in its Entirety”

Producer Kevin Feige decided very early on that he didn’t want a long film that was simply cut in half. That's why “Avengers’ Endgame” isn’t just called “Infinity War, Part 2”.

“We wanted to bring two very different films with extraordinary stories to the screen”, says Kevin Feige. “For this reason we also removed Part 1 and Part 2 from the film titles that we had originally announced. We wanted to offer the audience a self-contained experience with each film. Some might argue that ‘Infinity War’ ends with a cliffhanger. After all, these characters mean a lot to all of us, and we know that the next film will be released in a year’s time. Of course we understood that, but that’s not how we regarded and saw this project. For us it was a story that came to an end with the victory of Thanos. That’s why the film doesn't end with pictures of the beaten Avengers and Cap’s statement: ‘Oh God!’. Instead, the last image shows a satisfied Thanos, who went through hell but reached his goal. So it is Thanos’ story that is told here in its entirety”.

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