“Lotta” Director: “I Love Working with Kids”

Based on the bestseller children's book series, “Mein Lotta-Leben” (My life with Lotta) can finally be seen in the cinema: after “The Pasta Detectives”, director Neele Leana Vollmar has once again proven her talent.

Were you familiar with the books before you were approached to direct the film?

Neele Leana Vollmar: My son was still too young for them, but friends had told me about them again and again. And of course I knew the book covers, which you see all the time in bookshops. So I knew what “Lotta” was about, but I hadn’t read any of the books yet.


How do you find working with children?

Neele Leana Vollmar: It’s very different from adults. But I love it. Working with children brings a lightness into the filming experience, something closer to life and completely without artifice, something which otherwise often gets lost. You have to be flexible and sometimes throw out your plan and react to the circumstances and feelings of the children.


Has the fact that you are the mother of a six-year-old child changed the way you work as a director?

Neele Leana Vollmar: Absolutely. Not least because I always had the little one with me during filming. It's important to me to be relaxed about things. I want shooting my films to be a family business. When you have kids around, you’re much more relaxed about things.

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