Kristin Scott Thomas: "She Let Winston Know"

Behind every strong man stands a strong woman: In "Darkest Hour", Kristin Scott Thomas plays the wife of Winston Churchill. Marrying Clementine (Clemmie for short) was, he said, his greatest success.

In Clemmie, Kristin Scott Thomas saw "a pillar. She and Winston were totally infatuated with each other – and were able to argue with each other wonderfully. How he managed to inject a sense of patriotism, bravery, and pride into his fellow countrymen in those weeks of May and June was quite extraordinary." Like her co-star Gary Oldman, she also found the preparation work for the role quite intimidating: "I got this box full of books from the production team, and every single book was so thick", says the actress. "But I plunged in, and the research was fascinating. I was also aware of how differently Clemmie had been played before, how visions of her had been developed. I had to find my own way, my own interpretation and vision of Clemmie. In one of his letters, Churchill writes that he did would not have survived the war without Clemmie at his side. It was obvious that she was a great help, but she also had clear ideas about politics, the things that needed to be done and how they had to happen. And she let Winston know about them".

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