Josh Brolin: "Firefighting is the Last Noble Profession"

When a fire breaks out in Arizona on 28 June 2013, 20 men try to bring the flames under control. This includes Eric Marsh, who is played by the "Avengers: Infinity War" villain Josh Brolin.

"This film tells the story of everyday heroes," says lead actor Josh Brolin. "Only the Brave" (German title: "No Way Out: Gegen die Flammen") initially bore the working title "No Exit" in English, from the title of the GQ article on which the film was based. Eric Marsh was the oldest in the Granite Mountain Hotshots fire brigade team: "At 43 years of age, the man was not only in top form; his strength and perseverance surpassed everything," says Brolin, who lost 40 pounds for the role. "Eric Marsh was certainly not perfect, but he had real leadership qualities he had acquired from his boss Duane Steinbrink. I have high regard for his idealism. In my early 20s, I was in Arizona with the volunteer fire brigade for three years. It's great to work for others, even if it is pretty risky. Firefighting is perhaps the last truly noble profession. And as for the Granite Mountain Hotshots: They are tough and extremely committed, because their job is always about giving everything."