James McAvoy: “He’s the Face of the X-Men”

James McAvoy has played Charles Xavier in three X-Men movies. With “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”, he liked the fact that he was allowed to explore new aspects of his character this time.

“Charles Xavier is beginning himself to believe in the hype he has kicked off”, says James McAvoy. “He’s on the cover of Time magazine. He’s the face of the X-Men – and he takes the credit for their work. He’s at home on the red carpet, shaking hands with presidents. He is like a father who loves his children and believes they can do anything. That sounds very positive overall. But if, on the other hand, they do not fulfil the expectations placed in them, he feels let down by them. He thinks it’s bad for his image”. When Charles sends his team into space for an interstellar rescue mission, Jean Grey’s fate is sealed. In addition, Jean feels betrayed when she learns that Charles has planted barriers in her brain to protect her from painful memories of her past. This new knowledge makes her extremely angry. “She is plagued by grave inner doubts and does everything she can to find out what Charles is hiding from her”, McAvoy explains. “When she finds out what he has done, she is rightly angry – she has not been allowed to come to terms with her difficult childhood in her own way. Charles ignored her and locked away her memories. When this trauma awakens, it reinforces the dark forces within her.

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