Isabelle Huppert: “Greta Stresses How Lonely She Is”

The exceptional, multiple-award-winning French actress Isabelle Huppert is a lonely New Yorker in the stalker thriller “Greta” – a film that gives you goose bumps. But read for yourself how she sees her role.

“In the first part of the story, Greta is a very nice person. And very fragile. I wouldn’t go so far as to say she’s weak. But you perceive her as a particularly shy person, someone who is also very demanding in certain ways. So at first you assume that softness and love are among her most prominent qualities as a person. Besides, she keeps stressing how lonely she is. And she probably is. She probably does what she does out of loneliness. But what ultimately makes the role so interesting is its different personalities. What’s hidden behind these eyes? She seems to be a really normal person, she can play that very well. But during the story, she keeps on showing new facets of her personality”.