“Iron Sky 2” Director: “The Movie Really Ate Me Up”

After the resounding success of "Iron Sky" in 2012, the Finnish independent director Timo Vuorensola goes one step further with “Iron Sky: The Coming Race”.

“During the six years of its production, ‘Iron Sky: The Coming Race’ became more than a film for me”, says director Timo Vuorensola. “The movie really ate me up, just like a hungry dinosaur. I was still recovering from the tough seven-year ride I’d had with ‘Iron Sky’ when some ideas for a second part came to me. To tell the truth, I could have done with a holiday, but it’s hard to relax when your mind is overflowing with new ideas. I just had to get them down on paper and then get them on to the big screen”: The vision for the film began to take shape when Vuorensola listed the things he loved: Indiana Jones-style adventures, dinosaurs and a clearly structured story. With these elements in his head, he began composing the story for “Iron Sky: The Coming Race” in spring 2013: “I didn’t have the faintest idea, though, what kind of trip was ahead of me. I wanted to tell a story with an atypical trio in the centre: a young woman who is used to doing things alone and without any help and who rebels against her mother; a Russian pilot who trips over his own pompous ego; and a fighter with the mentality of a golden retriever. So that I could plan even the smallest details meticulously, I made sure I hired Udo Kier for not just one but two roles in the film”.