Almost Like “Cyrano”: The One with the Long Nose

The German romantic comedy “Das schönste Mädchen der Welt” (The Most Beautiful Girls in the World) is loosely based on the literary classic “Cyrano de Bergerac”. The nose of one of the main characters was also something of a special effect.

One of the great challenges when shooting “Das schönste Mädchen der Welt” was a not-so-small special effect: Cyril’s nose. It had to be made of special material and was applied every morning, which was a complex procedure. “I was always picked up insanely early, because it took just over an hour”, recalls Cyril actor Aaron Hilmer. “Basically, the nose became part of me. All day every day, I kept hearing, ‘Whoa, that thing looks real’. It was also a balancing act to build this nose. It couldn’t seem too big, to the point that audiences think, ‘no, there’s something off about this’. And it couldn’t completely disfigure me, to the point that I’d disgust people”.

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