"Fast & Furious Live": Best Car Stunts from the Movie Hit

"Fast & Furious Live" will be taking place in the Hallenstadion Zurich from 18 to 20 May 2018, offering film fans an opportunity to experience first-hand daredevil stunts and vehicles from the "Fast & Furious" hit series.

"Fast & Furious" fans can expect a mix of stunts, special effects and innovative 3D projections during the show, bringing the action hits to life. Together with drivers exploring their limits, this creates a thrilling live experience. The two-hour show, which combines audacity with automotive professionalism and precision, is creating a new dimension in live entertainment. At times, it seems to turn gravity on its head. Via 3D projection, some key scenes of the cinema hits are being staged across the globe at different locations. And the audience can feel the heat of the flaming exhaust fumes and marvel at automotive acrobatics. "Fast & Furious Live" presents many of the original vehicles as well as exact replicas of Dom's legendary Dodge Charger and the flip car from "Fast & Furious 6". In short: an ideal stopgap for the long wait on the spin-off movie, which will be released in cinemas on 25 July 2019. "Fast & Furious 9" will not be on screens until 09/04/2020. More information about the live show: