Emily Blunt: “Will the Audience Believe Me?”

After thrilling films like “Girl on the Train” and “A Quiet Place”, Emily Blunt follows in the footsteps of old-school Hollywood star Julie Andrews with “Mary Poppins Returns”. And she does a masterful job.

“I felt a kind of nervousness, simply because this character means so much to so many people”, says Emily Blunt: “I was wondering, how do you make a character like this your own? Will the audience believe me? I’ve been working very hard with the books to find my own approach to Mary Poppins”. Director Rob Marshall made the role appealing for her in a very special way: “He sees Mary Poppins as a woman with a mysterious plan who is vain and style-conscious, but also funny and humorous. I imagined her as someone with a kind of sharpness, but I also remembered how comforting I found her as a child. I also think it’s a wonderful idea that she can just fly in, fix everything, and then say goodbye again – I found that very exciting, even back then.”