Dennis Quaid: “I’ve Always Been a Dog Person”

Dennis Quaid can be seen again in the sequel “A Dog’s Journey” as Ethan Montgomery, a man who found his friend for life – Bailey – back when he was a child.

Since the finale of “A Dog’s Purpose”, hardly any time has passed in the film. Yet Ethan Montgomery has become a new man, as Dennis Quaid explains: “In the meantime, Ethan has married his great love. Until then, he was very isolated, a loner and an outsider. But he’s matured and is much happier”. Since Dennis Quaid counts his own dog Peaches as part of his family, the actor knows from his own experience how much good a dog does for his close friends. “I’ve always been a dog person, and every single one of them has meant a lot to me. Dogs are real family members who reflect your personality. It’s when family dog dies that many children are confronted with death for the first time. That’s why I love the idea of Bailey being born again and always coming back”.