Showing “Zwingli” in a New Light

The Swiss film “Zwingli” tells Huldrych Zwingli’s life both from his own perspective and that of his wife Anna, as co-producer Anne Walser explains.

Reformation doctrine “Solo Scriptura”, Anna is transformed from a passive into an active woman. A woman who is able to put aside her fears, recognise her strengths and determine her life with her intelligence and reason – and all the highs and lows associated with such a journey. Together with Anna, we experience Zwingli as a complex person who is far more than a historical figure: “It’s fascinating that our film tells a great deal about ‘heroism’ in Switzerland”, says C Films producer Anne Walser. “The fact that the Switzerland of the late Middle Ages formed the stage for this creates suspense in the same way that the social upheavals of the time, both in Europe and around the world, created urgency and drama. All these components testify to an almost inexhaustible narrative and visual potential. We pay respect to all these elements in our film, but we above all want to tell the story of a individual man who inspired enormous change and who, in his personal and public struggles, at some point became his own critic and worst enemy”. The film does not correspond to the image of Zwingli that most people have. This historical figure, one who is so important for Switzerland, is made much more approachable and translated into the present via a skilful narrative.