"Deadpool 2": One Scene That Was Too Extreme

Many Marvel fans look forward to the additional scenes that enrich the live-action comic adaptations before, during or even after the credits. "Deadpool 2" had a particularly difficult scene.

From the beginning of "Deadpool 2", it's not just clothes flying around but limbs too. In dealing with bad guys and fellow human beings, the anti-hero Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) shows hardly any squeamishness. Whether malicious comments, rolling heads or splashing body fluids, the filmmakers show no mercy, and even the dark humour of the laconic dialogues does not mince matters. And yet, there was one post-credit scene actually planned in which Deadpool would kill a baby that looks like Adolf Hitler. But just before the worldwide release, it was decided to cut the provocative scene. The two "Deadpool 2" authors Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick told the website "We are 'Deadpool', but there is a line even we can't cross. And killing a baby is probably that line."