Tips & Tricks


News: cinema tickets can now be added at any time to Passbook and PassWallet apps even more simply and conveniently.

Wallet (for iPhone, iOS) and PassWallet (for Android) store your important documents (like cinema tickets, boarding cards and gift vouchers) in a safe place. Cinema tickets bought via can be added to Wallet and PassWallet and are always accessible there, even when your smartphone is offline. Thus you are no longer obliged to have an internet connection in order to access your precious film tickets.

Cinema tickets can be directly added to Wallet/PassWallet at the end of the purchase procedure with a smartphone. At the corresponding spot in the app, select either "OPEN IN WALLET" or "OPEN IN PASSWALLET". From the moment of purchase until the film screening, your tickets held in your ACCOUNT under TICKET PURCHASES can be transferred at any time to Wallet/ PassWallet. Cinema tickets can also be sent to the person of your choice by email with Wallet/PassWallet.

Another cool function and an advantage of Wallet: if you happen to be near a cinema, the required ticket is automatically displayed on your phone, which can then be scanned and canceled.

Wallet is pre-installed on iPhones, and is to be found on the home screen or in the EXTRAS app folder. PassWallet for Android can be downloaded from Google Play Store.