That’s why Colin Firth is back in “Kingsman 2”

Even the “Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle” poster makes it clear that Colin Firth is back for the sequel again, although his character – secret agent Harry Hart – died in part 1.

With “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” the “Kick Ass”- and “X-Men: First Class”-director Matthew Vaughn enriched the agent film genre with a fun and highly successful variant in 2015. The announcement of a sequel was therefore less of a surprise than the fact that Colin Firth is again on board for part 2, his character – secret agent Harry Hart – having died in the first part. But the comic author Mark Millar already made it clear in advance that there are several options for resurrecting him. And we can already say this: it’ll be a lot of fun to see the good old “dirty” Harry in action again.