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Why You’ve Got to See “Creed II” in the Cinema!

* STORY: This time, Rocky and his student Adonis Creed meet an old acquaintance: Ivan Drago. Despite many calm moments, the plot all leads up to the grand finale: both emotionally and in the boxing ring.


* STARS: It’s not only Sylvester Stallone who’s back again as Rocky Balboa: his “Rocky IV” opponent Dolph Lundgren makes a comeback as Ivan Drago too. And that’s all that’s been revealed about the cast so far. But whoever it is, the heroes of the past and the present are going to be on the big screen at full force.


* CULT FACTOR 100: Meaning no disrespect to “Rambo” and “The Expendables”, but “Rocky” is and remains the role with which Sly Stallone is most closely associated. It’s a delight to see him again as this cinema icon under the direction of indie director Steven Caple Jr. (“The Land”). And it’s amazing how he uses the “Rocky” title fanfare so pointedly and with such an emotional punch... and ultimately rings tears to our eyes.


Wishing you all a wonderful week of cinema!

by CineMani


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