“close-up!” Film Blog (column: 18/9/2017)

Three good reasons to see “Kingsman 2 – The Golden Circle”

* PURE SPECTACLE: Top action right from the start: fast, sleek and full of directorial innovations. Jason Bourne and James Bond will be looking over their shoulders!

* PURE COOLNESS: While Part 1 was based on the comic by Mark Millar, director Matthew Vaughn worked with author Jane Goldman on the sequel, with Millar helping them stay true to the original material. Once again, the humour is just on the edge of good taste, which is fine by us!

* TOP CAST: The cast could not be better: in addition to Julianne Moore, it also stars Jeff Bridges, Channing Tatum and Halle Berry, not to mention a long-time pop star.


Wishing you a wonderful week of cinema!

by CineMani