"Close-Up!" Film Blog (Column; 15/01/2018)

The reason you must watch the buddy movie "Hot Dog" with Til Schweiger and Matthias Schweighöfer:

Heino Ferch: "'Hot Dog' is a comedy with lots of gags, cool guys, top performers and a spectacular tempo – the best kind of entertainment!"


Producer Dan Maag: "'Hot Dog' is like going over a very steep slope – up and back down again. You are pressed back into your seat from start to finish.


Samuel Finzi: "I am amazed at the power of the images and the sound, the witty and fast dialogue. There is so much going on in this film, it really overwhelms me."


Director Torsten Künstler: "This is not a buddy action comedy, it's a buddy comedy with action. Of course, action plays a role, but it's not the main element of 'Hot Dog' – it's just one of many in this popcorn comedy about our two unbeatable stars. I see our film more as a charming urban fairy tale, a kind of comedy western that entertains the entire audience."


Wishing you all a wonderful week of cinema!

by CineMani