“close-up!” Film Blog (column 14/01/2019)

“Zwingli”: His Life’s Work Made Him World-Famous

The Zurich reformer Huldrych Zwingli (Max Simonischek) turned the whole city of Zurich – and a firmly established canon of values – upside down in only a few years. With a razor-sharp mind, he dissected the religious and social system, denounced grievances and was not afraid to confront the most powerful people of his time. An opponent of war, he ultimately died in a war he was unable to prevent. What Zwingli did changed society in a way that is still perceptible today. Zwingli’s work not only laid the foundation for today’s social system – religion and rationality were also combined in a groundbreaking way into a new educational system. Values such as innovation, solidarity and openness not only formed the basis for his implementation of the Reformation – even today, 500 years later, they are major issues that every society needs to focus on. But who was this contradictory man? Answers can be found in Stefan Haupt’s new historical drama “Zwingli”, and it’s showing from Thursday at KITAG CINEMAS.

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by CineMani

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