“close-up!” Film Blog (Column 13/05/2019)

End-Times Trip “The Silence”: Even Better in the Cinema

SETTING: “Annabelle” director John R. Leonetti has put together a powerful end-times thriller: perfectly timed horror, dark, exciting, and at the same time emotional.

STORY & STYLE: The screenplay for “The Silence” is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by British horror and dark-fantasy author Tim Lebbon: any sound is one sound too many. For, in a world beyond our imagination, even the slightest noise can mean death.

STARS: Alongside big-screen newcomer Kiernan Shipka (“Mad Men”) appear Hollywood stars like Stanley Tucci (“The Hunger Games”), Miranda Otto (“Homeland”) and John Corbett (“Sex and the City”, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”).


Wishing you all a wonderful week of cinema!
by CineMani (contact us via LinkedIn: Cineman CineMani/Cinelady CineMani/Cinefamily CineMani)