“close-up!” Film Blog (Column 11/03/2019)

“The Upside”: Intriguing US Remake of “Intouchables”

I LOCATION: “The Upside” is a US remake of the French hit “Intouchables” from 2011 – but director Neil Burger (“Divergent”) has moved the location from Paris to New York.


II CAST: With “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart (“Night School”, “Jumanji”) as “best of enemies”, the remake producers have landed a coup. And Philip’s housekeeper Yvonne is played by Nicole Kidman.

III NEW INTERPRETATION: According to producer Todd Black, the US remake was created out of a desire to delve even deeper into the life of former Pommery managing director Philippe Pozzo di Borgo: “We wanted to learn more about his stories, and were convinced that we could offer the audience a new interpretation that would still pay homage to the brilliance of the French original”.


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by CineMani (LinkedIn: Cineman CineMani)

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