Chris Hemsworth: "We cannot survive without love"

"The Huntsman & the Ice Queen": The sequel to the fantasy action adventure "Snow White and the Huntsman" sees the paths of huntsman Eric aka Chris Hemsworth and the Evil Queen Ravenna alias Charlize Theron cross again.

The new "The Huntsman & the Ice Queen" adventure fairy tale is set before the event of the 2012 hit. The story begins long before Evil Queen Ravenna was consigned to eternal damnation by Snow White's sword. At the time, her sister, Ice Queen Freya, was forced to leave the kingdom following a bitter betrayal that broke her heart. Living in a secluded wintry palace, she gathered around her an army of battle-ready huntsmen over decades, among them Eric and the warrior Sara, who are loyal to the Ice Queen. When they discover their feelings for one another, they break the highest law in Freya's kingdom: falling in love is strictly forbidden! And it is precisely this world without love that Chris Hemsworth found particularly exciting, claiming "We cannot survive without love. What does love mean for Eric and what is he willing to do for it; these are the questions our film poses."


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