Chris Hemsworth: “This Film Is Much More Global”

In the reboot “Men in Black International”, Chris “Thor” Hemsworth plays the agent H, who can always and everywhere rely on his unique talent and his incredible good looks.

Chris Hemsworth found it great to continue a proven hit franchise, but was also excited about expanding and it and showing it in a fresh form with lots of new elements: “This film is much more global”, says Hemsworth. “The journey from London to Marrakech, Italy and Paris lends it an international flair. The range of action, science fiction and humour is much wider here. Few films have shown this more successfully than the MIB movies”. Another incentive was the opportunity to work again with Tessa Thompson, who Hemsworth had already collaborated with on “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Avengers: Endgame”. And the onscreen chemistry between his Agent H and her Agent M can be seen now at KITAG CINEMAS.

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