Swiss Hit “Zwingli”: Over 200,000 Tickets Sold

The work is accomplished: Stefan Haupt’s gripping Reformation drama “Zwingli” has sold over 200,000 tickets at the box office. This makes the Swiss production the most popular film here in 2019 to date.

“Knowing that over 200,000 people have already seen our film makes me proud and incredibly happy. And I’m really happy about all the great feedback”, says “Zwingli” producer Anne Walser. “The insane commitment of crew, cast and agency, all of whom have given so much, is rightly appreciated by the audience and I am grateful for the energetic support of all our partners, in particular the active church communities who have given us so much help since we started promoting the film”. I hope the great word of mouth will continue ensuring full cinemas”. And on top of the convincing performance of the film in German-speaking Switzerland, “Zwingli” will also be shown in French-speaking Swiss cinemas from 27 March under the title “Le réformateur”.