Baschi Delivers a Track for German Comedy “25 km/h”

When the crazy German road movie “25 km/h” launches at KITAG CINEMAS on 8 November, Bashi’s song “D Flügel uf” will be heard during the title credits.

The song “D Flügel uf” is inspired by the official music video for Baschi’s single “Wenn d Wält 1986”, which tells of three teenage friends going on a biker trip with their Töffli mopeds. That’s why Sony Pictures wanted to work with the successful singer. The second release from his current album fits perfectly with the touching comedy about two estranged brothers who embark on a moped journey full of daring challenges and crazy surprises: “When I learned that my song “D Flügel uf” was being used for the film, I was very happy”, says Baschi. “The whole Töffli theme is a great fit for me for various reasons, not least because I’m on a Töffli moped on the cover of my new album. The story of ‘25km/h’ is also a great match with me. I think you should always follow your dreams, even if they are from a long time ago... because you never forget them. And whenever possible, you should pursue your dreams, work hard for them and make them come true”.


Link to the end credits tune “D’ Flügel uf” by Baschi:


Link to Bashi’s music video: