The “Dog’s Purpose” Films all Began over a Coffee

Author W. Bruce Cameron had the idea for his novel “A Dog’s Purpose” when his then girlfriend and later wife Cathryn Michon had a hard time coping with the death of her beloved dog.

The couple were driving along the California coast: “And I suffered along with Cathryn”, says W. Bruce Cameron. “This story suddenly went through my head – as if I had downloaded it from the internet. There is this dog who never really dies, but is born again and again, and over time realises that he obviously has a mission to fulfil”. On the way to San Francisco, the couple stopped to get a cup of coffee: “When I got back to the car, Bruce said: 'I have a story to tell you',” recalls Cathryn Michon. “And so he did, for a full 90 minutes. In the end, I was a complete mess, but through the tears, I could at least say, ‘This story will help many people. You have to write it down’.”