Zac Efron

Zac Efron

Actor details
Occupation Actor
Date of birth Oct. 18, 1987
Nationality USA

«In the back of my mind, I can never forget this could be gone tomorrow - and at this point I think the odds are against me... the chances of succeeding in this business are slim to none; there's only a handful of people that have long careers. You have to put in the work, you can never be satisfied, never take it for granted.», «I'm definitely not getting married. In this business, you're either getting married or they want you to be pregnant. I'm not getting married until I'm forty. If ever.», «And man, you should see the faces on the kids. It's priceless, and I don't look down on, or think badly about, the High School Musical films. I have no regrets at all. I'm extremely proud of those movies, and will be forever.»


Mr. «High School Musical»
Milestone-Movies:  (2006), High School Musical 2 (2007), High School Musical 3 (2008), 17 Again (2009), Charlie St. Cloud (2010), New Year’s Eve (2011), The Lucky One (2012), That Awkward Moment (2013), Bad Neighbors (2014), We are Your Friends (2015)


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