Vincent Cassel

Vincent Cassel

Actor details
Occupation Actor
Date of birth Nov. 23, 1966
Nationality Frankreich

«After love, the man sleeps, while the woman reflects.», «This is what I like about America, because you have very big budget movie, and also independent movies, so you have many different choices. But I know that I'm European... Being European, it is not easy to find the right project, because you may look different, you sound different, and you have to find the right character.», «When I'll be old, I'd rather watch my children than my films.»


Mr. «Dobermann»
Milestone-Movies: La haine (1995), Jefferson in Paris (1995), L' appartement (1996), Dobermann (1997), Elizabeth (1998), The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999), Crimson Rivers (2000), Le pacte des loups (2001), Shrek (2001; nur Stimme), Birthday Girl (2001), Sur mes lèvres (2001), Irréversible (2002), Blueberry (2004), Ocean's Twelve (2004), Derailed (2005), Ocean's Thirteen (2007), Eastern Promises (2007), Mesrine (2008), Black Swan (2010), A Dangerous Method (2011), Trance (2013), Beauty and the Beast (2014), Child 44 (2014)

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  • UNDERWATER (2020)

    A group of scientists stumble across something strange on the sea bed and put their lives at risk.

  • HORS NORMES (2019)

    Two autism specialists train suburban youths to help them with their work.


    The life and love story of the French painter Paul Gaugin during his self-imposed exile to Tahiti.

  • Jason Bourne (2016)

    Matt Damon returns to his most iconic role in Jason Bourne.

  • MON ROI (2015)

    Tony is admitted to a rehabilitation center after a serious skiing accident. Dependent of medical staff and painkillers, she takes the time to remember the tumultuous love story she lived with Georgio.

  • Child 44 (2015)

    A disgraced member of the military police investigates a series of nasty child murders during the Stalin-era Soviet Union.

  • Beauty and the Beast 2 (2014)

    Eie berühmte Liebesgeschichte in atemberaubenden Bildern und mit faszinierenden Trickeffekten.